what will happen to your body if you eat 2 bananas daily


Special, delicious and sweet bananas are the favourite fruit for lot of people from children to adults.  because of their creamy texture.  however bananas are so healthy the are full of vitamins minerals and fibers. And it's not all a single of banana contain only 90 calories.
Can you imagine the effects of eating two bananas regularly? if you take it as a habit?  well we will talk about benefits of eating banana and the we will deduce the advantages of taking that habit.

so let you discover banana's benefits :

1/Bananas can cover potassium needs.

Potassium is an essential ion in the body.  It is an intracellular cation which is necessary for  the heart and kidney essentially. It can be found in several vegetables and fruits but bananas remain the most recommended source. Then  Potassium is a mineral which can protect against cardiovascular risks, infertility, digestive diseases, arthritis and also cancers. 

2/ Banana can help you to have a healthy blood pressure :

The bood pressure is maintained by the balance between the concentration of sodium and potassium, these two cations allow drainage of excess water from the blood stream toward he bladder.  many of studies have shown that the consumption of bananas helps people who have  low blood pressure to regulate it. then taking the banana can cover his daily potassium needs.

3/Banana  again cancer

eating bananas can lower the risk of developing cancer by 72%.  indeed bananas contain vitamin c like many fruits.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant that inhibits the formation of free radicals that cause cancer. Well a banana can protect you from colorectal cancer by 72%.

4/Bananas will allow you to have a healthy heart :

A new study finds  that potassium intake protects against cardiovascular risk. This  is the first study that has concluded that the ratio of this nutrient in your meals is greater and the study found that people who take 4,069 mg of potassium daily are 49% less likely to die from myocardial ischemia than people who take less than 1,000 mg. that's great.

5/ Banana can boast your stomach :

the stomach is sometimes tired because  infections or several factors so it needs to repair itself.  then he will need natural stuff for him to detoxify.  for example : banana, rice, applesauce and toast

6/ Banana is not full of sugar just about 30g :

Bananas help to stabilize your blood sugar. unfortunately a single of banana contains just 28g of sugar,  so you can add it with your cereal in the morning with your peanut butter sandwich or as a snack. The bananas will leave you full of energy without disturbing your diet.

7/overconsumption of bananas is very rare :

Americans have a potassium deficit so to acquire their potassium needs they have to eat 7 to 8 bananas a day.Digestive system likes potassium a lot.  But we must be careful because an overdose of potassium wich called an hypokaliemia may have harmful consequences on the electrical activity of the heart as well as on the functioning of the kidneys. And among the causes of hypokalemia we can add  lack of water, renal failure, anemia and potassium supplementation.  It is enough that a normal person eats 50 bananas to arrive at the zone of hypokalemia, and logically it's impossible then to eat 2 bananas each day is a good idea it will make your body 20% healthier.
8/deduction : what you get un two bananas?
the USDA advises adults to eat 2 glasses of fruit daily and it's almost two bananas and it contains: 210 calories, 900mg of potassium (24% RDA), 24g of carbohydrates (18% RDA), 28g of sugar, 2g dietary fibers  (24% RDA) and 6g protein (4% RDA).

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