The Easy and Effective Way to Clean, Season, and Restore a Cast Iron Skillet


– The newest and most used option in homes these days is glass bathtub. Glass walls, unlike traditional shower curtains, are much better for keeping water in the shower setting and away from the floor.

Better than this, it’s safe for the little ones and the possibility that they stand while showering and pulling the curtains to the floor disappears.

Indeed, you may find that shower wall glass is starting to acquire an increasingly faded look, with dark marks or spots that you cannot get rid of over time.

Pay attention, it may cause permanent damage to the glass, if not cleaned, as it slowly “scratches” the glass, leaving it dull and matte.


Worry not if you feel completely unable to clean the glass, despite your constant attempts to clean it; You are not alone.

Even if your shower is extremely clean, be sure if there are any deposits on the shower wall, this makes it appear to be unclean and alienated.

Luckily, if you don’t want to try harsh chemical cleaners on the glass, you’re in the right place, just keep reading to get rid of these stains without compromising your health and that of your family.

This magical cleaner is very prohibitive, compared to simple shower or outperforms most in-store shower cleaning products.

On top of that, it is Very easy to prepare. Method :

– cup of white vinegar.

– cup of hot water.

– small tsp dish-washing liquid.

All you need is to mix all these ingredients and put them in a spray bottle then sprinkle well with this mixture, and it will remove all dirt easily .

Hope you enjoy this fabulous recipe !!

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