Adobo chicken is among the national dishes of Filipino cuisine


800g chicken on bone. Thighs and wings preferably with skin

Two tablespoons of olive oil

A quarter cup of soy sauce

Half a cup of distilled white vinegar

A cup of hot water

Eight garlic cloves, crushed

Two teaspoons brown or white sugar, as desired

Three bay leaves

Medium onion cut into slices

1 tablespoon pepper



First, we dry the chicken well, and in a bowl we marinate it in soy sauce and garlic overnight

In a frying pan on a medium heat, we heat the olive oil, remove the garlic from the marinade and put it in the pan until its aroma smells, then add the onion and cook it until it becomes transparent, put the garlic and onions on one side of the pan, then add the chicken on the other side and brown Chicken to be brown

Pour the hot water, the preserved marinade, the vinegar, the sugar, the bay leaves, the pepper, and let it boil. We skip the fighter with a lid, reduce the temperature and then let the chicken cook on low heat for half an hour.

And it gets ready

Enjoy your meal

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