8 bedroom plants that help you sleep better at night





8 House Plants You Need in Your Bedroom ... Incredible !!


Growing plants at home has a set of benefits in addition to the aesthetic appearance, Lack of sleep and difficulty sleeping deeply are known problems that cause obesity and diabetes.


Having plants in the home positively affects your mental health, and in feng shui or energy science, plants influence and are among the positive energy sources. Some plants also help improve sleep quality at night and fight insomnia in addition to repelling insects, so get to know the eight plants your bedroom needs.



1 - Aloe Vera

Aloe vera comes on top of plants that help improve the air and increase oxygen emissions at night, which positively affects your health, making it more like an oxygen plant.


2- Snake plant

This plant resembles an aloe vera and is characterized by its absorption of carbon dioxide in large quantities and the release of oxygen at night, which helps you to breathe in a healthy environment while you sleep.


3 - Orchid

Orchids are distinguished by their distinctive and beautiful shape. It also has the advantage of increasing oxygen emission during the night and banishing xylene, a kind of pollutant found in paints, making the room atmosphere clean to breathe.


4 - Jasmine

Several studies have found that the scent of jasmine is associated with lower levels of anxiety and improved sleep quality, as well as being distinguished by the fact that it does not require much care and is easy to maintain at home.


5 - Lavender

The scent of lavender is known for its calming and relaxing effect as it helps lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels, making it ideal for bedrooms and even children's rooms.


6 - peace lily

Lily is a great air cleaner that requires little light and watering once a week.


7 - Gardenia

Gardenia flower is similar to jasmine, it purifies the air, has a beautiful aroma, helps to relax and calm, and improves sleep quality.


8 - basil

The strong smell of basil helps repel mosquitoes and flying insects, so it is best to place basil near windows and doors to prevent these insects from entering your home.


Hope you have a good sleep !!


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