Causes & treatments for an itchy ear canal



Earwax buildup : Wax is the body's way of cleaning dead skin cells and dirt from your ears, but too much of it makes you itchy. Don't try to remove it with a cotton swab, as it pushes the wax in, where it could get stuck.  If this does not help, then you should go to the doctor.


+ Infections :  It is usually caused by bacteria and viruses when you have a cold, flu, allergies, or when you are swimming.  To get rid of the infection, antibiotics should be taken several times a day for a week.


 + Allergy : You may feel itching inside your ear due to an allergic reaction caused by a beauty product such as hair spray, shampoo, or products that contain nickel  To treat allergies, you will need to find out what causes them and stop using them.


 + Eczema  :  You can usually treat these problems with drops. In severe cases, you may also need to take some medications.


 + Cleaning the ears : The use of cotton swabs may lead to inflammation of the ear canals.


 + Food allergy : If you have hay fever or are allergic to pollen, you may feel the itch when eating certain fruits, vegetables or nuts. But this craving should go away once you swallow or take food out of your mouth. In maximum case it does not request treatment.

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