What egg yolk color can reveal about the chicken it came from ?




A general hope that nothing unusual will come out of it, but one thing that is often overlooked when examining the contents of that freshly cracked egg is the color of the yolk . Sure, it's supposed to be yellow, but are we paying enough attention to how yellow the yolk is ? The results indicate that these details may reveal more than you think.


As the video below demonstrates, the yolk color often varies depending on where it came from. This is no coincidence: the color of the egg yolk is a direct result of the nutrients that the chicken has been feeding on, and as such, it will determine what it eats as well.


Ripple's Wide Farmer's Market explains things a little: The darker the yolk, the more nutrients it contains. This is generally due to the healthier and more varied diet offered for free-range chicken, which contains not only corn and grains but also the occasional bugs and vegetables. Most of the eggs in supermarkets come from factory farms, which tend to feed only chicken grains, which severely limits their diet - and ours, in turn. Although not harmful in and of itself, these bright yellow yolks are less effective at delivering the nutrients you expect to eat.


The SFGate story goes a step further in explaining what you can find in free range eggs compared to factory farm products. Diverse diets contain a lot extra vitamin A, which is super about bone & eye strength; Vitamin E, which promotes blood circulation and prevents oxidation; & omega3 fatty acids, that can bottom cholesterol & blood compression . Even better, free eggs also contain much less saturated fat and cholesterol than factory farm eggs, according to SFGate, which makes them better in all respects - except for the potential price. Worthy expense, don't you say ?

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