6 natural home remedies to kick start hair growth




To give your hair a boost and gain length and density, there are a few tips that are easy to apply in your daily life. Cut your hair under the full moon, massage your scalp or regularly coat your hair with castor oil, focus on natural techniques.


Massaging Her Scalp

A technique shared by Lauren from the Lauren Inthehair blog: "I regularly perform hair masks preceded by a good head massage with the pads of the fingers and by performing circular gestures."


Beer Yeast

Known to have effects on cell renewal and tissue repair. Note that brewer's yeast is not recommended for people with gluten intolerance, candidiasis or digestive problems.



The original trick but which can work according to Thibault, "an onion juice mixed with a spoon of honey that is applied to the scalp to activate circulation and promote growth". Indeed, the composition rich in sulfur of the bulb will restart the production of collagen tissues. It is better, however, not to be sensitive to the smell.


Castor oil

Rich in fatty acids and vitamins E, castor oil has a reputation for promoting eyelash and hair growth. If Thibault advises mixing it with an infusion of rosemary before coating her hair, Justine uses it "regularly pure as a mask before shampooing.



For Thibault, no secret, hair is the barometer of health and healthy hair requires a balanced diet. And Lauren from the Lauren Inthehair blog adds: "I see hair as plants that you have to water often for them to grow. So I drink as much as possible during the day."


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