7 surprising uses of witch hazel for your skin




The leaves and bark are filled with tannins, which gives them an astringent nature. Its good astringent properties help treat a variety of difficult-to-eliminate skin problems.





Witch hazel acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps reduce swelling of the skin tissue, and a cotton ball in the oil on acne will reduce excessive secretion.


+Get rid of clogged pores:


It tends to dry out the skin and reduce the size of the skin pores. Using witch hazel oil over time will make your complexion smoother


+Swelling under the eyes:


Puffiness under the eyes is caused by inflammation of the delicate skin tissue under the eyes. Apply creams contain witch nut may seem odd to you, but they removing puffiness nether your eyes.


+Provides Relief :


Witch nut has a magical impact about people who suffering from peel conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.


+Benefits of witch hazel hair:


+Andruff treats:


Do you suffer from an itchy scalp, this dandruff is the main cause of this itching, you can get rid of it with witch hazel oil, comb the hair and divide it into several sections and massage the oil directly on the scalp, leave it for a while before washing your hair with shampoo


+Relieves scalp agitation :


People with hide conditions such as psoriasis many time experience scalp agitation , which cause an intense burning sensation. Witch hazel can speed up the healing process of the scalp, aid in cracking and repair wounds, and reduce irritation.


+ Reducing hair loss:


Witch hazel helps reduce hair loss, as it boosts blood circulation to roots when massaged to hair, also this enhances understanding of hair follicles in scalp tissue and aids control hair lack .

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