Bacon wrapped smokies with brown sugar and butter




Smokies Bacon Wrapped is the ultimate holiday and day game! The combination of smoked sausage and sweet brown sugar bacon is absolutely delicious - hard to throw out! We have a serious love for bacon here. Bacon-coated jalapeno poppers are an absolute favorite, and this Night Smoked Recipe fits perfectly with all of our parties!


You can find a little bit of smoke at almost any grocery chain. Look in the refrigerated bacon section near bacon and breakfast sausages.


You may also find it in the prepared foods section of your local grocery store.


There are usually about 40 small smokers in a package. This recipe allows about 5 small smoky varieties per person.


Warning: PARTY FOOD! I guarantee that if you do these, they'll be gone! I made it for gathering and everyone kept eating and eating it ...


* Ingredients :


° Slices of bacon / bacon (one slice per Frankfurt sausage)


° Sprinkle brown sugar over the sausage (optional, but tasty)


° vegetable oil or butter


* Instructions :


Place a slice of bacon on a silicone or wood cutting board.


Frank Fort put on bacon at the end. Roll the bacon and sausage until the bacon covers all of the sausages. Sit.


Take back with the rest of Frank Fort. You may require to using cock tail sticks to hold bacon In place - cooking it when rolling.


Heat a thick frying pan on short heat. Join in with the butter (don't use too much, because bacon will produce more fat as it cooks). Be sure to spray the grease.


Addition of bacon-wrapped Frank Fort. Sprinkle with brown sugar if desired


Turns out halfway when the bottom is brown, and the bacon begins to grind the bread turns to cooked bacon.


Remove the pan from the fire. Carefully remove it from the pan using the pliers. Put it on absorbent paper to get rid of the excess fat.


Serve with coleslaw, cheese, mustard, relish, or any other garnish you prefer



Enjoy !

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