Banana cream cheesecake



This delicious banana cream cheesecake recipe will surely wow any crowd. The softest and velvety cheesecake ever. Layers of delicious vanilla cheesecake, fluffy banana cream, and homemade whipped topping make this dessert you'll want to serve over and over again!


Instead of white chocolate mousse, it's topped with a thick layer of banana cream, fresh banana slices and homemade whipped cream.


Not for the faint of heart!


The light cream flavor of the cheesecake and fresh banana on top is just perfect!



* Ingredients:


° Fresh cheese (Philadelphia type)


° 250g of special cookies


° 150g sugar


° 100g Fresh semi-thick cream


° 80g butter


° 40g flour


° 15g banana


° 3 eggs


° 1 lemon juice


° liquid vanilla


° salt



* Preparation :


Preheat oven to 200 ° C and give a pot of spring.


Crushing cookies to minimize crumbs &  pour them to  a salad bowl. Adding  butter and 50 g sugar.


Placing  lotion at  bottom of  tray and fill it very well. Baking  for 5 min only, then putting  it in fridge.


In another bowl, mix fresh cream, fresh cream and 50g of sugar until you get a homogeneous mixture.


Crushing a banana & adding it to preparation. Adding a some lemon juice also vanilla & blending until smooth. Adding eggs and mixing again.


Pour preparation To mold and baking for 11 min at 200 ° C, and reduce temperature to 90 ° C and cooking for 30 min.


Let it in  refrigerator about at least an 1h . To serving , peeled & slice 2 bananas, ans  placing them on top of cheesecake.



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