Cajun chicken alfredo recipe




One bowl of Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pasta is one great meal on the dinner table in less than 30 minutes! Cajun seasoning adds the perfect amount of flavor to this creamy alfredo sauce!


Meals Me and One Bowl are my recent BFF's. How beautiful is one dirty skillet and eating a delicious, hearty dinner?


It's quick and easy, and my family went crazy!


It all started in Chili's with my love for Cajun Chicken Pasta.


I actually have a good dang copycat recipe here on the blog. I order every time, and my kids do too!


So I was thinking one day. Why not make this recipe in one quick and easy jar? So I did. And it was wonderful.


Cajun flavor added a lot of flavor to this one meal. She added just the right amount of cake to the alfredo cream sauce. It was amazing!


The cajun wasn't too hot for the kids either. Devour him.


Quickly. Easy. One bowl. Tasty. I call this meal a success!



* Ingredients :


° butter - 100 gr


° crushed garlic - 6 cloves


° Mushrooms - 1 cup


° Chicken breasts cut into slices - 500 g


° Nestle Cream - 2 boxes


° Maggi or Knorr Soup with mushrooms - 1 sachet


° Green thyme, or to taste - 2 teaspoons


+ To boil chicken:


° Cinnamon powder for seasoning chicken - to taste


° Bay leaves - to taste


* The method of work:


1- Season the chicken strips with a little soft cinnamon, then put them in a saucepan and dip them in water. We add bay leaf and boil half boil.


2- Meanwhile, melt the butter over the stove, then add the crushed garlic to it and stir until soft.


3- Add the chopped mushrooms, then cover the saucepan and leave the ingredients on a low heat until the mushrooms are soft.


4- Lift the chicken slices from the boiling broth after they are done and add it to the butter, garlic and mushroom mixture, and leave it on low heat for 5 minutes.


5- Adding cream also green thyme, with fixed stirring.


6- Melted mushroom soup blending in half a cup water, & adding it to saucepan and leave it on a low heat To ingredients hold together well.


Enjoy !


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