A cheeseburger tater berry casserole is all you need for a warm winter dinner. Even better, the recipe easily doubles or triples to feed the crowd !


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There has been a lot of talk here lately about the improvement in the dinner game - do you remember my Sloppy Joes' homemade post? We're trying our best to make a change here, and it's one that we need to stick to so we don't turn to PB & Js with carrot sticks three times a week.


I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good PB&J game, but that's not a good habit to inculcate in my little one.


That's right, I am not above bribe, nor do I mind. She eats spinach out of your fist, guys.


We gave up tagines for a while with this little girl, because eating all of her food in one bowl kinda scared her. And man, did you miss them.


Winter is definitely in Ohio, and all I want to eat are soups and casseroles like J-O-B. (Let's face it, it's kind of ...) Plus, casseroles like these three-baked Mostaccioli cheeses are a game changer when you're trying to improve your dinner game in the midst of a hectic schedule.


So I'm so excited to not only share my strawberry cheeseburger tater casserole, but to tell you my little boy loved it! We are all so excited that she ate a casserole and was so glad she was.


Everything you love about a cheeseburger and french fries is here - hamburger, delicious homemade cheese sauce, Heinz ketchup and mustard, and even a relish of dill pickle. You can definitely add a can of chopped tomatoes as well, but tomatoes really aren't your thing.


 well, Tots! Personally, I will have a large amount of fry any day of the week, so I decided that this is how we top a casserole. My twist on the original Midwestern Hot Plate.


Having made this one time for our little family, I was so infatuated about it by the family, and totally got involved in making it all over again, for an entire crowd. this is good.


* You will need:


° Lean ground beef: 2 pounds (brown)

° Low-fat Mushroom Soup: one box

° Low-fat sour cream: 1 8-ounce basin

° Cheddar cheese: 1 cup (grated)

° Frozen Tittater: one package


* Directions :


1. As always, set the oven temperature to 350 degrees and then spray a 9 x 13 ”pot with cooking spray.


2. You will need to place a layer of beef at the bottom of the pan.


3. In a small bowl, immediately mix the sour cream with the cream of mushroom soup, then brush over the beef.


4. Next, be sure to put a layer of cheese on top of the sour cream mixture.


5. Please put layers of tartar on top of the cheddar.


6. You can then bake it covered for 45 minutes, then bake it for another 15 minutes.


7. To taste the cheese burger, serve it with mustard and ketchup


Enjoy !

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