Do This and Your Room and Kitchen Will Have Such a Wonderful Fragrance



How can I keep the scent of the perfume for as long as possible ?  perhaps in spraying large quantities of it. A few tricks help the fragrance to last without using very expensive perfumes.


 The use of perfumes has special connotations for each of us, because it expresses our tastes and reflects part of our personality. Just as human tastes and personalities differ, so do the types of perfumes, their ingredients and their uses . Despite this difference and diversity in the world of perfumes, there is one thing that unites people in this use, which is the desire to retain the scent . -Confidence.


But how do you keep the perfume scent for as long as possible? Some people may think that the secret lies in the quality of the perfume used, as its price is high and should last for a longer time, while others believe that the perfume should be sprayed in large quantities on the body to ensure its purity. German Focus magazine has listed some tips to follow in order to ensure the fragrance lasts.


Spray perfume on the right areas


The navel of a man: According to the German magazine, the best place in the body to preserve the smell for as long as possible is the navel, where the human navel retains the warmth of the body and is able to preserve smells, which preserves it. The body retains its scent.


The elbow of the hand and the upper part of the arm: spraying perfume on these areas helps to stay, and it is less exposed to sweat, which helps the fragrance to stay for as long as possible.


Knee: Spray the perfume on the knee and on the back of the knee (lace) as it preserves the fragrance for a long time.


The German Pergeist magazine also published several tips on the optimal use of perfumes, and according to the German site, the wrong use of perfumes may be costly, especially for valuable scents and perfumes, as a person may resort to spraying the perfume several times, in order to ensure its purity, which may lead to It's running out of fragrance, and the magazine is sharing these tips with its readers.


1. Spray the fragrance on the warm areas of the body to help preserve them.


2. Avoid rubbing perfume because that reduces the effectiveness of the fragrance and weakens it.


3. Correct storage of perfumes is essential to maintain their quality.


In addition, the German site Elle, which is concerned with beauty and skin issues, provided golden advice to anyone who wants a beautiful scented body for as long as possible, and according to the German site, take a little Vaseline and spray it. Fragrance on it, then Vaseline on the desired area of ​​the body. This results in a scented layer on the body that does not mix quickly with the sweat secreted by the body, and works to ensure a pleasant smell.


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