Easy Frozen Oreo Dessert




It is very easy to combine delicious cookies and Oreo with a mixture of pudding and cream cheese to make the best frozen Oreo dessert recipe. The light, sweet, creamy and frozen Oreo dessert is the best Oreo treat for any Oreo fan!


So how do you eat your Oreo ?

Twist apart ? Dunk in milk ? Or a straight bite?


I have never met anyone who does not like Oreo cookies, which are amazing blended with cream cheese and vanilla pudding mix.


Frozen Oreo is one of those desserts that is really easy to prepare but leaves everyone coming back for more.



* Ingredients :


#For the first layer:


° Oreo biscuit: 175 grams


Butter: 50g (melted)


# For the second layer:


° Whipping cream: 3 packages


° Milk: 2 cups


° Cream: two cans


° Oreo biscuit: 6 pieces


° Biscuit: 1 cup (regular / ground)


# To decorate:


° Oreo biscuit: as desired


* Method :


1. Choose a bowl and mix in the oreo biscuit with butter.


2. Time done, organize blending in a glazier tray.


3. Next, mix the whipping cream with milk to get the cream.


4. You'll then want to add the cream and biscuits and mix.


5. Please break the Oreo beads on top of the cream.


6. At this point, you should put the tray in the refrigerator so that the two layers are stick together.



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