Exercises To Help Target A Double Chin




Most of us are aware of a double chin. If so, then you are not alone, there are actually some exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles below your neck and remove a double chin.


1. The tongue on the nose


This exercise may sound silly, but sticking your tongue out and touching your nose with it is a great way to strengthen your sagging muscles. If you place your hand on your neck, you will be fit to feel the movement of your muscles.



2. Jaw lift


Another great way to train your neck muscles is to turn your head to the left side and extend your jaw outward at times. Turn head to right will Rejuvenate you .


3. A kiss


Stand up & tilt your head toward ceiling . Lift your eyes to the ceiling also moving lips in kissing position for 7 seconds. also relax. Trying to resume this exercise 12 times.


4. Neck roll


Tilt your head so that your chin rests on your chest. Continue this state about 5 seconds, & tilt your head to left. After 5 seconds, cover head to your breast . After other 5 seconds, covering your head to right . Renew this procedure 3 more times .

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