Good old fashioned macaroni and cheese




This macaroni and cheese is a family favorite, and children and adults alike love it. It uses a mixture of cheese, layered in the dish plus melted in a rich cheese sauce and cream, for the ultimate in deliciousness! Perfect for a relaxing dinner or as a holiday side dish!


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Mac and baked cheese. It's almost universal comfort food, and there are a lot of variations! In fact, I almost never posted this recipe, since there are so many SOOOO macaroni and cheese recipes available, and most people already have their favorite way of making it.


Of course, there is no "right" or "wrong" way, so here I am sharing the way I love making macaroni and cheese (the way my family loves it too).


++ Cooking tips for mac also baked cheese


+ Boil the noodles - Cook the pasta less than usual. I like to boil the pasta for 4-5 minutes. The pasta will continue to cook in the oven, you don't want it to be tender.

Use room temperature fluids - if you can ... cold liquids take longer to condense than warm liquids. I usually set the milk in half and half while the pasta water boils.


+ Cheese - use your favorites !  There are tons of reader comments below the recipe talking about the cheeses they used !


+ Shred your cheese - I know it's painful, and it's very tempting to use pre-grated cheese in bags. But these bags of cheese contain starch that prevents the cheese from clumping ...


* Ingredients :


+ 6 people


° Pasta flower shaped box


° BΓ©chamel sauce


° Triangles cheese its price


° grated cheese


° chicken cubes


° Salt and black pepper to taste


° 1 grated garlic clove



* Steps:


We cook a packet of pasta in boiling water with a little oil and salt, after that we observe it in the oven and rub it with a little butter and empty the cooked pasta in it. Fry the chicken cubes with a little salt and a garlic clove and add it to the pasta and also add the triangular cheese cut into small pieces, then pour over it the bechamel sauce and decorate it with grated cheese and put it in the oven between 10 to 15 minutes


Enjoy  !


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