Great grandma’s coconut cream pie



Want a crowd-pleasing coconut cream pie that's full of coconut flavor? You cannot go wrong here !! Believe me, this Great grandma’s coconut cream pie is a must-have for those holiday dessert tables...You'll be craving for another one when you taste it !! Definiely a keeper !!



#For the shortbread :

° Flour: 250g

° Caster sugar: 50 g 

° Butter: 100 g 

° Milk: ½ glass

° salt: a pinch

#For the coconut pastry cream:

° Milk: 1/2 l

° Egg yolks: 2 

° Flour: 60 g 

° Sugar: 100 g 

° Vanilla extract: 2 teaspoons

° Rum: 2 tablespoons

° Coconut: 60g (grated)



1. To prepare the shortbread dough, mix together the flour, sugar and salt in a bowl. After that, add softened butter also sand with your fingers to get a fairly even ball. When kneading, pour in milk and allow stand for few minutes. And please roll it out to creat a tart shell.

2. To prepare the cream, boil milk with vanilla extract. Make sure to work egg yolks with sugar with a whisk until mixture whitens also form a ribbon. And please add flour gradually. Once the flour is well integrated, add coconut slowly. Finally, pour boiling milk on mixture and beat well.

3. Now, you can return preparation to saucepan and stir over low heat. In the meantime, you should let cook until cream boils a some and has take on a fairly thicken stability .

4. This cream should be placed in the base of tart. Immediately spread with grated coconut and cook at 240 ° C for approx 25 minutes. You'll want to place on grill for few minutes to brown top of tart.

5. To finish, place in the refrigerator for 2 hours or more. I prefer to serve it chilled.

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