Honey and Cinnamon: Amazing Benefits of a Tasty Combination




Do you know what happens in your body if you take honey and cinnamon daily ?


Honey and cinnamon , as honey is a popular sweetener and cinnamon is a valuable spice. So you have to get to know the best and most important health benefits that result from the daily consumption of this wonderful mixture.


1- Getting rid of excess weight:


You should take a teaspoon of cinnamon and honey daily and put it in hot water. Then taking it on an Empty stomach, Every day on an empty stomach, also you will notice your ability to losing weight quickly.


The report revealed the need to improve your daily diet, eat healthy foods in addition to exercising daily, and reduce sugar intake.


2- Reducing the risk of heart disease


Some medical studies have shown that consuming cinnamon and honey reduces the chances of developing heart disease, as well as reduces the incidence of chronic inflammation, which increases the risk of heart disease and also helps to lower levels of high cholesterol and harmful triglycerides.


Cinnamon and honey are also full of antioxidants that improve blood flow to the heart and prevent blood clots.


3 - Wound healing


Honey has historically been used to treat wounds, and honey and cinnamon have anti-bacterial properties that reduce inflammation. One of most exciting employing of Cinnamon & manuka Honey is to treatement diabetic foot ulcers. They are very difficult to treat and antibiotic-resistant bacteria often develop. Research indicates that a mixture of honey and cinnamon oil is very effective in helping to heal ulcers and ward off infections.


4 - lowers blood sugar


In addition to treating  people with diabetes. Cinnamon lowers fasting blood sugar levels and increases insulin sensitivity.


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