Nothing says summer dining like serving the best creamy, classic, and classic pasta salad with eggs and crunchy vegetables in a simple and creamy mayonnaise sauce but still light for any picnic, meal or barbecue.


Sometimes you don't mess around with the classics. While some may look at this pasta salad recipe and think it's so simple (Where's the twist? What makes it special ? ) This is precisely why it's a proven favorite.


It took me years to come up with the pasta salad. The reason is because every time I tried, it never looked good. It was either very dry, very plain, or heavily loaded with a flavorless mayonnaise sauce that coats the noodles like oil on a dipstick, and it likely came from a prepackaged box from the convenience store - yes! These things usually come from a box!


There is nothing worse than the tart flavor of fake mayonnaise salad. you know. I was there.


I really love this salad, but I will respect my husband for this one, who, as a pasta salad expert, testified, "Dear, this is still the best pasta salad I have ever had."



* The ingredients you will need:


° 16 ounces Pasta.


° 1/3 red onion.


° Medium green pepper.


° Red bell pepper medium size.


° 1/4 C fresh parsley.


° Medium carrot.


° 3/4 ° C mayonnaise.


° 1 tablespoon of hot mustard.


° Salt, to taste


° Black pepper to taste


* Preparation :


• Step 1 - According to the instructions on the box, cook the pasta, drain and clean.



• Step 2 - Transfer to a large bowl and let cool.



• Step 3 - Chop the red onions, green and red peppers, fresh parsley, and chop the medium-sized carrots while the noodles are cooked and cooled. Leave aside for later.



• Fourth step - Add the prepared vegetables to the cooked noodles, then add mayonnaise, hot mustard, sea salt and black pepper.



• Step 5 - Mix them together and let them cool down in the refrigerator for 2 hours.



This edition is my best pick! It consists of a delicious blend of fresh and delicious ingredients, a pleasant and comforting aftertaste, and a spicy taste.


Taken together, all products contribute to a harmonious combination of great taste. It's very likely that she's a favorite of you too !




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