Magic cleaner recipe





The wooden floor is very easy to clean, but speeding it up and making it shiny is really another thing! This beautiful asset full of charm on the inside actually requires special care to be at its peak beauty, but that's no reason to spend on chemicals to preserve it (especially when you see that shine is getting at the cost of a sticky floor that is thus difficult to walk on). To take care of it well, here's an effective and easy-to-use cleanser that will make your floor super beautiful without waxy residue.


* What is needed:


° 125 ml of vinegar


° 1 tablespoon of Castile soap


° 65ml of alcohol 70 °


° 500 ml hot water


++ Optional: an essential oil of your choice


° empty and clean spray bottle



* Steps:



1) Pour all ingredients except water into your bottle.


2) Add a few drops of essential oil to smell good. 11 to 16 drips will be extra than enough.


3) Then pour water a few by few To the bottle.


4) Mix everything carefully. And it is ready!



To use it, just spray a little of this mixture onto the wood and mop, following the direction of the wood . If you require to treatement a big enough area, you can also mixing it to a bucket also swim mop in it.

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