Old Fashioned Banana Cream Pie




Simple ingredients and a special method make this old banana cream pie easy to prepare at home. It's a creamy, delicious, and nostalgic dessert selection.


I've been craving classics lately. And it doesn't get more classic than an old-fashioned banana cream pie.


When you walk into a restaurant or cafΓ© and see those amazing pies displayed in a dessert box, it's no wonder that the banana cream pie is always front and center.  I am glad to share how to create this classic pie today.


* What do you need :


° Pie crusts: 1 (9 inches) (baked)

° Whole milk: 3 cups

° White sugar: 3/4 cup

° All-purpose flour: 13 cup

° Salt: 14 teaspoon

° Egg yolk: (slightly scrambled)

° Butter: 2 tablespoons

° Vanilla: 1 teaspoon

° Bananas: 3


* How to make it :


1. First of all, make sure the 9-inch pie shell is ready.


2. Then burn the milk in a large saucepan.


3. Pick another pot and mix together the sugar, flour and salt, gradually stirring with the pasteurized milk.


4. You can cook on medium heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens.


5. Cover and cook for 2 minutes longer, stirring occasionally.


6. Next, prepare 3 egg yolks, lightly beaten, and bring them into a small bowl. Immediately stir a small amount of the hot mixture with the whipped yolk; The yolks are stirred into a hot mixture when well combined.


7. Well, cook for an extra minute, stirring constantly.


8. Once done, remove from heat and mix the butter and vanilla; Let it sit until lukewarm.


9. When you are ready to pour, chop the banana and spread it in a pie crust. Pour the warm mixture over the banana immediately.


10. To finish, you may want to make the meringue (you'll have 3 leftover egg whites) on top of the pie, or let the pie cool until serving.




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