Old-Fashioned Soft and Buttery Yeast Rolls



These relatively easy to make Old-Fashioned rolls would never fail to make huge, tall, soft, fluffy, buttery and a forgiving yeast roll recipe !! Just give thm a shot, I promise the result will be nothing short of amazing !! Definitely a keeper !!



° Whole milk: ½ cup 

° Rapeseed oil: 70 gr

° Vanilla sugar: 1 bag 

° Flour: 4 1/2 c

° Sugar: 2 ½ cups

° Salt: 1 teaspoon

° Baker's yeast: 1 sachet 




1. First, heat the milk for aaprox 25 seconds in the microwave (heating for a long time will kill the yeast !!)


2. In the lukewarm moche, melt the baker's yeast, leaving to set for 10 minutes


3. Then you're going to get a bowl and combine in the flour, sugar, salt and vanilla sugar.


4. Add oil and mix, then add milk and yeast gradually 


5. Make sure to knead until a homogeneous and smooth dough is obtained.


6. The ball of dough needs to be place in a salad bowl, at this stage, and cover with a tea towel


7. After that, set the temperature of your oven th 6 to 180 °. And plesae leave to rest, in a warm place, until dough is doubled in volume, it takes around 90 minutes.


8. On the lightly floured work surface, butter the mold and add a baking sheet.


9. Alright, you may want to use the palms of your hands to degas the dough .


10. You'll want to divide and form regular dough balls and place them in your mold, spacing them slightly


11. Okay now, leave to stand for third an hour. Brush your brioche with milk with a brush. To finish, I always bake for 25 minutes.

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