Red Velvet Pound Cake



Mmmmmm..fluffy, moist, full of flavor & absolutely delicious πŸ˜‹!! This Red Velvet Pound Cake is really easy to make using everyday ingredients !!



° White flour: 2 & ½ cups

° Salt: ½ tsp 

° Liquid milk: 2 cups 

° Cocoa: 2 tsps 

° Soft butter: Half a cup

° Eggs: 2 large

° Sugar: 1/ a half cups 

° Liquid vanilla: A tsp 

° White vinegar: A tsp

° Red food coloring: 2 little spoons 

° Baking soda: A tsp



1. In the beginning, mix 2 tablespoons food coloring in required amount milk and set aside until use. 

2. Then you're going to get a deep bowl and sift in dried ingredients, mixing well. 

3. Immediately blend eggs with liquid vanilla in a little bowl. 

4. You can put the sugar and butter in jug of the electric mixer, working until you have a paste like the consistency of cream. 

5. You'll want to add the egg mixture and vanilla gradually to the butter mixture, working at low speed. 

6. You can then add dried ingredients to dyed milk blening. Cake batter should be poured to a greased flour & a pan oil, or lined with a piece baking paper at this stage. 

7. Next, put mold in preheat oven. And please leave it for 20 minutes, or until it is baked while constantly monitoring it. 

8. After that, take the mold out and let it cool slightly. Make sure to remove the cake and put it on the wire mesh until it cools well. 

9. Take the icing and decorate the answer, wrapping a small amount on all sides using a spoon or with a knife. 

10. The rest of the frosting should be put in a cream bag affixed with an ornament. You can decorate the cake (only if needed). 

11. Okay now, put the mold in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Finally, cut it to the desired size and serve immediately !!

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