Six Minute Caramels




Understanding, supportive, hard working and tender, my dad is the coolest dad a girl could ever ask for. Since I was young, my father has encouraged me to reach my dreams - no matter how remote they are - while offering me words of wisdom every step of the way. Moreover, he has worked tirelessly for over 40 years to ensure that my sisters and I can reach every unbridled ambition we can imagine. We are three very lucky girls.


From going out for vacations every spring to sending my sisters and I camping every summer, my dad made sure we had special, unforgettable experiences as we grew up to help us learn and grow as individuals. However, it wasn't just these major experiences that were so special. Since I was little, my dad has shared his wisdom with me, from small things like how to know when the sun will go down by counting your fingers ,  to the top of your car, to major life obstacles too complex to write about here. Dad was with me at every stop on the road to help with learning, laughter, and discovery.


To celebrate my father's birthday today, I made some six-minute sticky caramel that easily rivals anything from the candy store. Every winter when I'm home for Christmas, I'm a little crazy in the kitchen as I make hundreds of Christmas cookies and sweets for the family. Caramel is always on the list and if any of you have made traditional caramel before, you know it takes a lot of work. Well, my dad loves caramel, so this 32-grain set won't last very long. Fortunately, I discovered a quick and easy solution with this six-minute caramel microwave. Just like the burner-top version but made in a fraction of the time, this recipe is perfect for any caramel lover in your life.


* Ingredients:


° 5 cups liquid milk.

° 1 teaspoon butter.

° 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.

° 3 cups white sugar.


* How to prepare:


Putting sugar & cinnamon in A saucepan. Putting  saucepan on a very low flame also let it until it melts/ caramelizes/ & turns a lightly brown color. Adding 3 cups of liquid milk to caramel mixture while it is hot and stirring ingredients well and fastly until we get a totally mixture & a thicken consistency. Add the remaining cup of milk and one tablespoon of butter over the mixture and stir gently until well combined. Remove the pot from the heat and leave the caramel sauce until it cools and keep it for use time or use it to decorate desserts directly




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