Stuffed Peppers




I have a fresh take on my favorite home today: Italian stuffed peppers. Sweet peppers stuffed with a delicious combination of ground chicken or turkey, herbs, Italian cheese and the whole grains of your choice, each stuffed pepper is a healthy, tidy dinner package.


Every time I make stuffed peppers, I remember how great it is as their kind of mini recipe.


Whether I choose to make these stuffed peppers, stuffed Mexican peppers, spinach stuffed peppers with artichokes and quinoa, or stuffed peppers in a crock pot, I always look forward to dinner (and leftovers!). Super easy, delicious, and impresses everyone. I even made this delicious plate of stuffed peppers to declare my love for all things stuffed peppers.


Today, I share this highly addicting sweet (or spicy) Italian stuffed pepper for healthy eating and enjoyment of meal preparation.


The flavors of Italian and red pepper are a natural match. By the time you shower with fresh basil and a generous handful of mozzarella and parmesan, this might be your favorite stuffed pepper recipe yet!


I consider stuffed peppers a great resource when looking for healthy meals.


* The recipe is :


° 1 Family Size Beef Ronnie Rice Box


° 4 cups of water


° 2 small chopped tomatoes


Cook 10 minutes, add 3 lbs of hamburger, cook 10 minutes.


Stuffed with 12 capsicum, pour some tomato sauce, then add the grated cheese.


Then 400 is cooked for 45 minutes. I poured tomato sauce into the bottom of the pans.


Enjoy !


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