Three ingredient cheerio treats




My kids just loooooove cheerio treats! There is just something about these crunchy little ones that they adore. I always try to think of new and interesting ways to use Cheerios (like these delicious cookies from Honey Nut Cheerio), these healthy Cherryo snacks are irresistibly delicious.


These delicious and healthy Cherryo desserts take only minutes to assemble and are made using just three simple ingredients.


These healthy 3-ingredient breakfast cereal bars that aren't baked feature chew and are the perfect snack between meals or a healthy dessert! Ready in 5 minutes, these non-baked cereal bars can be made with or without peanut butter - the choice is yours!



* Ingredients:


° 3 teaspoons butter


° A small 10.6-ounce bag of marshmallows


° 5 cups of Cheerios


(We used regular and multi-grain Cheerios)



* Instructions:


Draw a 9 x 13 template.


In a saucepan, melt butter over low heat with marshmallows. Keeppig stirring to completely dissolve.


Once thawed, mix the cheeros.


Quickly press into template.Permitt cooled totaly  - then cutting to squares.



Enjoy !

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