VapoRub Isn’t Just Meant For Colds . Here Are 11 Clever Ways It Could Improve Your Health !




Traditionally, we put VapoRub on the chest to help you breathe better. Very useful during a cold for example, when the bronchi are congested. It is a product that we all recognize thanks to its very characteristic smell. Well, the Vicks turns out to have more than one trick up its sleeve!


1. Calm the cough If you suffer from a nighttime cough, massage the underside of each foot with a little Vicks Vaporub. Then cover them with socks.


2. Relieves muscle soreness Apply and massage muscles with Vicks to relieve soreness pain.


3. Fights Headaches Rub some Vicks on your forehead and temples for headache relief fast.


4. Relieves Ear Pain Apply a small amount of Vicks to a cotton ball and place it inside your ear for pain relief.


5. Treats Eczema Apply a little Vicks to an eczema flare-up to reduce itching and inflammation. 6. Make acne go away Apply Vicks to acne pimples several times a day to dry them out and make them disappear faster.


7. Treats cold sores Apply a little bit of Vicks to the area as soon as you feel a cold sore pushing.


8. Accelerates the healing of small cuts Apply Vicks directly to your cut. You prevent infection and speed up healing.


9. Make it easier to remove a splinter Apply Vicks to the affected area. This prevents infection and causes the splinter to come out of the skin faster.


10. Heal Bruises Quickly Mix the Vicks with salt and apply the mixture to the newly bruised area. This mixture encourages the recovery of blood circulation, which allows the bruising to pass more quickly.


11. Treat nail fungus Rub the infected toe and nail with Vicks. Repeat

 operation 2 a day . Due to the yeast infection, the nail may turn black.

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