Walking Taco Bake casserole - Don't Lose This 😍




This Taco Tater Tot Casserole recipe for your oven is incredibly simple and so delicious! Everyone will love it and want the recipe!


My Taco Crock Pot Tater Tot Casserole became popular with our readers very quickly resulting in a lot of people asking how to make this in the oven. As you know, we always test recipes before we publish them. With so many people ordering this recipe in the oven, I wanted to prepare it before advising. So, here you go guys! You will love this version! It exfoliates the tartar sticks a little more than the crock pot version, but gives you the same great flavor!



* Ingredients :


+ For tacos:


° A cup of yellow flour


° 1/2 cup white flour


° 1/4 cup sunflower oil


° 1/4 cup warm water


+ Chicks:


° Half a kilo of chicken breasts


° 1 red and yellow pepper


° 1/4 cup cheese mix, followed by a cup of mozzarella cheese


° 2 flour suspensions


° a cup of milk


+ Spices:


° 2 tablespoons of salt


° Suspended pepper, paprika also curry


° 1/2 tablespoon cumin


* Steps:



Spread the flour, yellow and white oil, then gradually add warm water to the end of the dough


Divide the dough into a ball, it will be about 15 balls


We spread each ball with an arc, pierce it with a fork and spread it in the oven like this


Third step: a photo of the chicken taco recipe


Spray it 7-10 minutes until it starts to brown


Step 4: Photo of the Chicken Taco Recipe


Chop the onion, put it in a bowl and stir it slightly


Cut the chicken lengthwise, season it with the spices, then chop it with the onions and turn each grill until it is cooked. It is possible to save water and a maggi cube if you are late


Put two tablespoons of flour on the chicken, turn the cup over, gradually add the milk, mix the cheese, stir and turn off the heat.


We put the chicks in the taco and cut the colored pepper in small pieces, then put it on the chicken, then the mozzarella and put it on the grill until the cheese melts and sprinkle it with coriander on top.



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