Wrap your feet in a few layers of aluminum foil. 1 hour later ? Incredible !




 It’s something we use for cooking or for storing extra food. Still, we never think it can be used for certain things, such as relieving excruciating joints or preventing weakness. It may seem inconceivable, but aluminum has so many uses beyond the kitchen.


To fight fatigue


Have you ever thought about using aluminum to fight weakness and sleep problems? Cut out some protective aluminum strips and place them in the fridge for 2 to 4 hours. Apply them all over: the cheeks and eyelids are the most clueless areas and leave them until you feel your muscles relax. Remove and watch your face come to life.


Alleviating difficult joints


Thwarted aluminum is extraordinary for treating difficult conditions like joint inflammation, gout, sciatica and heel pain! You just need to fold the trap over the most painful area of ​​your body and use a restorative wrap to keep it nice and secure. This is ideal if you do this before going to bed. Repeat this treatment regularly for about fourteen days and take a fourteen day break.

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