Melting Moments




Melting Moments is a whimsical, crunchy biscuit cookie coated with a layer of powdered sugar. It is the famous birthday cake, probably because it resembles snowballs. Although I'm not sure how this delicious cookie got its name, it might be because this cookie is literally melting in your mouth.


The thawing moments are stored very well, for up to two weeks, and can be frozen. In terms of ingredients, since there aren't many competing flavors in this cookie, try using good quality butter. Also try to use "pure" vanilla extract, not those labeled "imitation".


The mixture contains all-purpose flour and cornstarch, which is cornstarch (a fine white powder that comes from the inner grains (endosperm) of corn) that gives cookies their wonderful texture that melts in your mouth crunchy and crumbly. However, this also makes cookies very fragile so it is not a good cookie to ship them.


By the way, the melting moments can also be in the shape of a crescent with ends dipped in melted chocolate. Or sometimes the dough is placed in a piping bag with a fluted end and the tubes are placed in rosettes with red or green cherries placed in the center of each cookie.



 * Ingredients :


° 1 egg


° 250g soft butter


° 1 cup itai oil


° a cup of sugar


° vanilla


° 1 candy bar


 ° 1.5 cups of flour


° 250g club coco (coconut)



* Steps:



We prepare a dark plate, put butter and eggs, mix well, put sugar and add oil. Coco Club (coconut) mixed well and add the vanilla dessert and yeast with a cup and a half of vinegar (flour or flour)


The dough should be soft, not flaky. Grinding 24 g to 29 g in an oven griddle .




Enjoy !

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