10 reasons why you should never throw pickle juice down the drain



Have you finished the last pickle in your jar and are about to empty all of its juice into the sink? Stop there! The juice of pickles is magic in the kitchen. We give you 6 ideas for using it and not throwing it away.


Pickle juice, what is it?

Composed of water, vinegar, salt and aromatics (mustard seeds), this juice, which is used to preserve and flavor our precious pickles, deserves our full attention! In fact, over time, it turns into brine and is very useful on a daily basis.


The juice of the pickles to make homemade pickles

For raclette evenings that change, why not start making homemade pickles? Whether it is with onions, peppers or carrots, the recipe is very simple: you just have to pour - in previously sterilized jars - your favorite vegetables with water, salt and the liquid from your old jar. pickles! Hyper-ecological, know in addition that the brine contained in the juice of the pickles prolongs the life of your preserves!


Pickle juice to spice up potatoes

By adding this liquid to the cooking water of the potatoes, you can give your vegetables a little vinegar taste. For doses, count one ladle of pickle water for three ladles of water. We adopt this technique especially if we are going to make a potato salad. Guaranteed delight!


Pickle juice for changing salad dressings

Changing your habits is sometimes good: why not replace your balsamic or red wine vinegar with a little pickle juice in your next vinaigrette? I promise, you will bluff more than one!


To increase the flavors of this juice, you can add aromatics to the jar as you wish a few days before using it. Warning: remember to remove them before making your vinaigrettes to avoid deposits at the bottom of the salad bowl.


Our pickle juice vinaigrette recipe: 2 tbsp. of mayonnaise and 3 tbsp. of pickle juice. Add salt and pepper. Ideal for a Piedmontese salad


Pickle juice to replace white wine in the kitchen

The juice of the pickles can surprisingly be used as a base for many preparations of broths or sauce bases and replaces alcohols such as white wine for example. Our little advice? Consider adding more flavor to the pickle juice by adding spices and herbs to the jar a few days before using.


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