Nothing says summer dining like serving the best creamy, classic, and classic pasta salad with eggs and crunchy veggies in a simple and creamy mayonnaise sauce but still light for any picnic, meal or barbecue.


  (Where's the twist? What makes it special?) This is exactly why it's such a proven favorite.



It took me years to get to the pasta salad.  It was either very dry, very regular, or loaded with flavorless mayonnaise that coated the pasta like oil on a dipstick, and it likely came from a prepackaged box from the convenience store - yes! Usually this stuff comes out of a box!


There is nothing worse than the tart flavor of a fake mayonnaise salad. you know. I was there.


I really love this salad, but I will respect my husband for this one, who, as a pasta salad expert, has testified, "Dear, this is still the best pasta salad I have ever eaten."


 * The ingredients you will need:


 ° 16 ounces of pasta.


° 1/3 red onion.


° Medium green pepper.


 ° Red pepper of medium size.


 ° 1/4 m fresh parsley.


 ° Medium carrot.


 ° 3/4 ° C mayonnaise.


 ° 1 tablespoon hot mustard.


° Salt to taste


 ° black pepper to taste


 * Preparation :


  Step 1 - According to the instructions on the box, cook the pasta, drain and clean.



 Step 2 - Transfering to a big bowl and permit cool.



 Third step - Chop the red onions, green and red peppers, fresh parsley, and chop the medium sized carrots while the noodles are cooked and cooled. Leave it aside for later.


 Fourth step - Adding prepared vegetables to cooked noodles, and adding mayonnaise, hot mustard, sea salt and black pepper.


 Step 5 - Mixing together & permit them cool down in fridge for 2 h .



This edition is my best choice! It consists of a delicious combination of fresh and delicious ingredients, a pleasant and comforting aftertaste, and a spicy aftertaste.



Enjoy  !

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