The L season is famous for the presence of many different and varied varieties of fruit, the ones that many of us love and wait throughout the year to eat them at the time allocated to them, and peaches are considered one of the fruits dear to the hearts of many people, especially children, and because some children refuse to eat fruit, you can circumvent the matter And present it to them in a way. Different and attract them to eat it



* Ingredients :



° 1/4 cup melted butter


° 1 cup of flour


° 3/4 cup sugar


° 2 teaspoons of baking powder


° 3/4 cup milk


° 5-6 sliced ​​peaches


° 3/4 cup sugar



* Directions  :



1 - oven preheated 350 degrees.


2 - Pour the melted butter into an 8 x 8 skillet.


3- Mix the flour with 34 cups of sugar, baking powder and milk.


4 - Pour over the melted butter.


5- Cover the peach section.


6 - Cover with three quarters of a cup of sugar


7 - Baking until the mixture rises to the top also forms a nice brown crust, about 21 and 31 minutes.




Enjoy  !

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