Better than texas roadhouse rolls



Texas Roadhouse Rolls – sweet, fluffy and buttery copycat Texas Rolls generously slathered with selfmade melted honey cinnamon butter. All you want is simply one chunk and you’ll be in bread heaven!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know the way lots I love bread! Honestly, I’d take any shape of bread over chocolate. When I consume out, I usually eat the bread first till I remind myself to prevent and that I’m buying the primary course.

Throughout this site, I actually have more than one them and they're all my favored! If you adore a kiss of sweetness, you may strive those Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Want a “coconut” bread? Then have a group of those Samoan Coconut Bread Rolls. Or in case you need a barely spiced version, you may in no way move incorrect with this Easter favored Hot Cross Buns (with VIDEO included).

See how lots I love bread?

* Ingredients

° 1/four cup water

° 2 ¼ teaspoon (6 grams) Yeast

° 1 cup (244 ml ) milk

° 6 tablespoons  unsalted butter

° five-6 tsps  sugar

° 1 semi of teaspoons  salt

° 1 massive egg

° three half of -three three/four cups  All reason flour

° butter unsalted , for brushing over the completed rolls


° 2 ounce (56.7 grams ) butter , unsalted & softened

° 1 half of - 2 tablespoon  powdered sugar

° 2 tablespoon honey

° half of teaspoon ( three grams ) or greater cinnamon spice

* Instructions :

In a status mixer integrate lukewarm water and yeast. Let it take a seat down till dissolve for approximately five mins.

Meanwhile in a microwave secure medium bowl, integrate milk, with the butter pieces, sugar, salt and microwave for approximately a minute. Stirring till whole lot is melt .

Dump the whole lot into the yeast aggregate.

Whisking an egg into the mix .

If the mix is only too warm allow it cold to a heat aggregate to save you eggs from curdling

Mix for two mins at medium speed. Add approximately three ½ cups of flour and keep blending dough.

Add in sufficient extra flour (if needed) to make tender dough. Err at the side  of  warning much less flour , in preference to greater. 

Turnning dough on sweetly floured floor also knead for 3-four mins or greater in case you want delicate bread.

Place dough in a greased bowl, turning as soon as to coat the dough Covering loosely with a sleek fabric & allow upward pushing in a heat, draft-unfastened region for 1 to two hours or till doubled.

Punch the dough down.

Roll dough right into a rectangle, approximately 1” thickness. Use any sharp item like knife or pizza cutter to reduce dough into squares.

Preheat oven to 350 F°.

Spray cookie sheet pan with oil or butter , then region rolls on oiled pan approximately ½ – 1” apart. Cover gently with kitchen towel and allow upward push for approximately half-hour or till dough is puffy.

Baking 13-16 mins . Brush with final melted butter.

Remove from the baking pan and allow it cool. I want to consume mine whilst it's miles nevertheless heat.


Mix butter / confectioners’ sugar / honey, & cinnamon, in a little bowl. Then combine with a blender or through hand till mixed . Serving with rolls or freeze till geared up to utilize .

Enjoy !

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