Caramel Corn



Caramel corn recipe is simple to put together.It's easy to make, it stays crispy for weeks, and you don't have to worry about how addictive it is!
This is the ideal caramel popcorn!Each piece is lightly coated with a delicious, easy-to-assemble toffee glaze.There are no sticky candy balls everywhere.Place a bowl of it in front of you carefully, you are unlikely to avoid swallowing it.
I've had a number of requests to convey caramel popcorn to events and gatherings. Everyone loves it!Fill it with a stone tool and tie it with a ribbon as a suitable gift.It is also good quality and cheap. In one go, you fill  jars with a bit leftover.
* Ingredients
° A cup of dry corn kernels
° 1/four cup everyday vegetable oil
° a cup of sugar
° a cup of water
* How to put together
1- Choose a appropriate deep pot with a lid, placed the corn kernels, oil, sugar and water and blend them well.2 Place the pan on the stove and continue to stir for 2 minutes over medium heat.
3- After the sugar has dissolved, placed the lid at the saucepan in order that the corn kernels do not fly, and anticipate a few time, approximately 10 minutes, till you pay attention a beep.  Spread on the bowl until the corn kernels turn into popcorn.
Remove the pot from the warmth, switch the popcorn to a serving platter, and revel in the tremendous flavor of your night with own circle of relatives or friends.
Enjoy !

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