Fresh Broccoli Salad



This clean and colourful broccoli salad recipe includes a tangy creamy dressing, crunchy bacon, chewy raisins, crunchy almonds, and scrumptious crimson onions. tasting!   This is the ideal recipe for bringing summer time season meals to lifestyles or even creating a top notch facet dish throughout vacation dinners. Follow the recipe as is or make the recipe with encouraged substitutions for variety !

* Ingredients :

° 2 heads of broccoli (crimson florets reduce into bite-length pieces (discard stems))
° eight oz. bacon (cooked and coarsely chopped)
 ° eight oz. cheddar cheese (inch cubes)
 ° 1 small onion (finely chopped)
 ° for decoration
 ° 1 cup mayonnaise
 ° Half a cup of granulated sugar
 ° three teaspoons white vinegar

* Directions :

In a huge bowl, integrate broccoli, bacon, cheese, and onion.Whisk mayonnaise, sugar and vinegar in a bowl. Also toss the sauce over the broccoli aggregate collectively till the entirety is flippantly coated.
Broccoli salad may be served immediately away, however it tastes higher in case you cowl it and positioned it withinside the refrigerator for 1 to two hours earlier than serving.

Enjoy !

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