Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe



Roasted Brussels sprouts are close to the little cooked green monster, which may scare you in the past; they are absolutely delicious.)   Stir-fried Brussels sprouts with garlic on the outside, crispy, tender and caramelized on the inside.Every time I cook it, I will pick it up with my fingers and bite off the baking tray because it is so delicious that this dish can’t wait!

* Ingredients:  

° 1 teaspoon salt 
° 1 fresh Brussels sprouts.
° 5 kg if possible
° Garlic - 3 small cloves, minced or minced
° Olive oil - I use extra virgin - 2 tablespoons

* instructions :
Heaat stove (oven) 375 degrees

Prepare Brussels sprouts by cutting off the ends (brown areas) and any discolored leaves. Put  into a large bowl.Transfering rest ingredients to a bowl, adding Brussels sprouts, and spread equally.Put the covered Brussels sprouts into the pan I usually use with foil, or cook the pan before adding the cabbage.Bake for 4550 minutes, stirring occasionally, until slightly crispy. 

That's it!

Enjoy !

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