Homemade Chicken Pie



This homemade chicken pie is one of the most convenient recipes ever! It's a great dish, comforting, comforting and will keep you warm..My family can't stop praising its magic! !To prepare this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

° Chicken breast: 1 pound (boneless, skinless)- 
° Frozen Mixed Vegetables: 1 sachet
° Chicken Cream Soup: 1 can
° Milk: 2 cups
° Corn starch: 2 T.
° Chicken broth powder: 1 tbsp.
° Salt and pepper to taste
° Double pie crust: 1
* How to make it :
1. All that needs to be done is to combine everything and pour it into a pie crust, on top of it a crust.
2. And please cur slilts at the top to vent.
3. Finally, bake at 400 degrees until golden brown, takes about 15-20 minutes and ENJOY!!!

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