This fried hen recipe is fried hen's heaven, with its smooth pores and skin and insanely smooth poultry. Pay near interest if you want magical cooking techniques. Thanks to a few smart techniques and tips, the clever oldsters at America's Test Kitchen meticulously created this Southern fried hen recipe. Wait earlier than tasting it.


This is the name of the game to getting the residence out of the garden. Crispy pores and skin and a touch of spice convey up the smooth, juicy meat on this dish. It's scrumptious warm out of the pan, at room temperature, or chilled for a picnic.

Seasonings may be effortlessly modified to fit your preference. Some humans adore it warmer and spicier, so sense unfastened to feature it for your chili. The first trick to achievement is to elevate the temperature.


* Ingredients had to put together this Southern stir-fryhen bottle:

° A tablespoon of salt.

° 1 teaspoon black pepper.

° Eggs, I used 2 big whisk.One hundred and twenty milliliters of condensed milk.

° a hundred and twenty ml of water.

° 240 grams of wheat flour.

° 1 teaspoon paprika.

° Thyme powder as desired.

° A tsp beaten garlic.

° 900 ml vegetable oil for frying, approximately four cups.

° A complete medium hen, reduce into eight pieces.

* Preparation steps:

The first step:

Before I begin, I reduce a medium hen into eight small pieces, placed it in a bowl, and pro it with sea salt and black pepper.

The 2d step:

Next, I combined the eggs, milk, and water in a blending bowl, and after I combined it up I poured it over the hen and permit it relaxation for approximately five mins.

The 0. 33 step:

In a thick paper bag, blend flour, paprika, dried thyme and garlic powder, then vicinity hen interior and shake till absolutely covered.

The fourth step:

Then I heated the vegetable oil to 175°C = 350°F.

Fifth step:

Immediately placed the hen withinside the skillet and fry for 15 to twenty mins till golden brown.

Sixth step:

Finally, I used kitchen paper to clear out out the hen as soon as it turned into eliminated from the oil.

Hope you revel in this Southern Fried Chicken Mix recipe!!! It may be very scrumptious!!!


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