Texas Roadhouse Steak



Well, you can use a simple combination of seasonings to make a restaurant-style Texas Roadhouse steak.I prefer dry spices to liquid kimchi.Spread the spices on the meat and let it sit for 40 minutes.During these 40 minutes, the spices are immersed in the steak, making the meat tender and juicy.  what?or what!

Is your mouth really watery? Still raw my dear.But the wait will end soon. Preheat the grill, and when it is hot enough, place the steak on it.What if you start thinking about how to tell if your grill is hot enough?
The answer is a little warm, not scorching as you have to cook the streak to your cherished brown, not charcoal black! 1

* Ingredients :

° 2 tsps kosher salt
° 2 tsps brown sugar
° 1 tsp freshly black pepper ground
° Half a tsp of paprika
° Half a teaspoon of chili powder
° Half a teaspoon of garlic powder
° ½ teaspoon garlic salt
° ½ teaspoon onion powder 
° Half a teaspoon of turmeric

* How to make it :

Gather a medium bowl, a gallon-size plastic bag with a zip-top, scissors and a shaker-type seasoning bowl.Measure out 2 tablespoons coarse salt and putting it in a bowl.Adding 2 tsp brown sugar.You can also use regular white sugar.Measure out 1/4 tsp garlic powder, garlic salt, onion powder also turmeric.Put all spices in bowl.Put 1/2 teaspoon pepper and chili powder in a bowl.Measure out 1 teaspoon of black pepper and add the remaining spices to the bowl.Medium-sized peppers are best for this mixture.Stir the mixture gently to absorb all the ingredients.Pour the spices into a gallon plastic bag and seal it.Shake the spices in the bag until they are well mixed.Cut the edge of one of the bottom edges of the plastic bag diagonally.These pieces should be small enough so that the tip of the bag can easily fit into the empty spice jar.Pour the spices in the envelope into the spice bag.

Enjoy !

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